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reply to myokitis

Re: More Populist ISP Bashing from BBR

A few of your point are valid. Time Warner has not kept their network current, as much of the system is still on Docsis 1.1,
while other companies have moved on to Docsis 2.0 and even Docsis 3.0.
This causes a strain on the entire network. Result...
High latency, frequent disconnects, cable boxes continuously needing to be rebooted, Etc.
This didnt stop TW from rolling out new services like Phone service, to make them even more money, all while failing to upgrade their network to support the increased demand.
In your thought process, TW should be excused because the rest of the world evolved and became innovative in new expanding uses of the internet, yet they didn't plan ahead for this ? And now they have an extreme debt burden.
And all this while just one of their executives is taking $19.9 Million in salary and stock option bonuses in 2008.
How is this not everything to do with GREED ?