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Vive Vivaldi
Irving, TX
reply to myokitis

Re: ISP/Video Competition

Ain't it funny, too, how the "trial areas" are all non-competitive market...

I live in the middle of the DFW area, and the "competition" here is little more than the mere presence of two broadband ISPs: AT&T and TWC. They set up shop, display their wares, and that's pretty much the extent of the competition. They don't even try to respond to one another. It's a "We're here. Pick one." kind of situation.

Being that Verizon FIOS is ~30 miles away from Arlington (and practically non-existent in Tarrant County, and our ILEC is AT&T, I wouldn't be surprised if one of those "trials" showed up here.

Frontier did everyone a favor by making noise about dropping caps in Rochester. What did AT&T do in Beaumont? Implement caps themselves. If you ask AT&T, competition is the race to see who can gouge their customers more.
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All noise, no signal.
Jamestown, NC
said by sivran:

If you ask AT&T, competition is the race to see who can gouge their customers more.
I couldn't agree more. It seems as though the two compete against themselves to see who can create the most confusing package to entice a customer to their service. All the while providing the least amount of actual service possible.

They don't compete on the actual merits of their respective offering. Verizon and Cablevision seems to be the only larger companies who do that.