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Re: Then just make it reasonable.

When we talk about TW profit, let's be clear, last year's annual report showed that the only 2 divisions in the company that made a profit were publications and cable. Of those 2, cable earned the most. Their other "investments"--AOL and entertainment--were the huge money losers. So, what TW really wants if for cable subscribers to subsidize their poor management of broader company activities.

IMHO, the spinoff of cable from the parent company this year was in great part positioning in anticipation of net neutrality arguments over their metered billing plan. They've got too many captive markets in cable (you don't see them trying to impose obscene rate hikes on their publications--they know that market is too competitive and that they'd lose subscribers). It's clear that something needs to be done in this country to keep our pipes open, innovation occurring, and the Internet (the creation funded by the US taxpayer) healthy in it's birthplace. I really think there needs to be restrictions about the pipes being owned by any entity related to a content provider, period. Greed is too strong a human motive to control.