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Alexandria, VA
reply to jimbo2150

Re: ISP/Video Competition

said by jimbo2150:

... is it really necessary to claim stiff competition when the majority are not in areas with much or any competition? See my point?
I think I do, but it sounds like you're speaking in terms of %of geography, while the companies need to look at things in terms of %of customers (where their revenue comes from).

The current acquisition offers d'jour from select MSOs & Telcos are around $200 in value (cashback,credits, etc; I know of at last one major telco and one major MSO w/ offers like this), and the companies wouldn't be spending that $$$ to win customers from each other if they didn't think they needed to, if their management and shareowners weren't applying the pressure on their organizations to do so.

I think we'll just have to agree to disagree. This is a situation where "position determines perspective".