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reply to Mr Matt

Re: The Cable Television Industry should be regulated.

said by Mr Matt:

The cable television industry and all broadband services should be regulated the same way the Telephone Companies voice services are regulated. That way such abusive money grabs will be stopped.

Comcast just raised rates in this area. As a result of these increases my total monthly rate increase was $9.50 including taxes. In view of the fact that there is a recession the only way that Comcast can raise prices is that they are a quasi monopoly.

The most diabolical part about the price increase was the fact that they did not raise the price of their premium channels or broadband service. Why? Customers can drop any or all premium channels and still have cable service. Many customers can get DSL Service from the local telephone company so Comcast did not raise prices on that service. On the other hand Comcast did not match Embarq on the price of their economy broadband service which is $24.95 for a 768 Kbps download speed. Embarq offers 1.5 Mbps for the same price. I guess that Comcast wants to keep their economy service so lame that no one will order it.

Time to re-regulate the Cable Television Industry.
The only way to get their attention is to cancel service with them. I just will not put up with this and neither should you. Hopefully they will lose even more profit in the long run and we the consumer are the ones that are feeding them... we are master, they are servant. We win...