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I'M Here Till Thursday

Sudbury, MA
reply to myokitis

Re: More Populist ISP Bashing from BBR

said by myokitis:

Consider these factors:
- Demand for bandwidth is growing rapidly as customers use more bandwidth-intensive applications like video, and in the near future, HD video. This would certainly put strain on backend networks.
Whatever their motive, their PR blew it. There was a better way to roll this out. First, put up the account meters, and offer the GB used on the monthly statements. Then, whatever the service level offered are, a customer can see right off the bat where they fall. The stereotypical "emailing Grandma" can see she can save some money, and is happy. TW can state that only X% of our customers use over XGB, and this will cost them more.

You see, I am on Comcast, where the cap is 250GB, and the rants are no different because most users claim to have no idea of their usage. TW should have learned from other ISPs how to introduce the caps and avoided this PR mess.

If the caps are so low that most will pay more, that's another story, I suspect it's about 10% of users that will have real issues.

Hilo, HI
said by joetaxpayer:

If the caps are so low that most will pay more, that's another story, I suspect it's about 10% of users that will have real issues.
Many RR users from the time TWC introduced the caps in Texas went and got a free or paid bandwidth meter. I have been using NetMeter (free) since Oct 2007. I have all the stats from that date to present.

The caps proposed by TWC are definitely low enough that MOST will pay more. My bandwidth usage, as seen with NetMeter, varies widely from month to month and is never what I would even begin to consider "excessive". I'm always below 40GB a month but if I started downloading netflix movies or increased my BitTorrent usage from extremely modest to just a small amount more with proper seeding, (necessary to getting a good download speed, plus, not seeding is extremely rude), then I would go over the 40GB quickly some months and I am a very conservative user of bandwidth. I have the standard plan. (That is the only plan here. Turbo does not exist for us).

So, yes, most everyone, except a person who only uses email and only turns on their computer for one hour or less a day, and has no other users in the household, will have to pay more. Since TWC has a monoply here, I don't think they should be allowed to place these low caps ...or any caps for that matter.
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