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Re: More Populist ISP Bashing from BBR

said by andre2:

said by jadebangle:

Most of us do have a choice its called going back to dialup

You can get it for 5 to 10 bucks a month and there is no limit on bandwidth transfer
And if you leave it running 24/7, you can download almost 15G/month which is 3 times TWC's lowest cap.
That's true... but most of us would probably use a lot less then that since all we gonna do with it is email and buy stuff online
with a slower connection it would be impossible to use 15gb in a month
if road runner want us to use a lot less then offer slower tier for a lot less

256/128kbps for 9.99 a month
512/256kbps for 14.99 a month
1mbps/384kbps for 19.99 a month

They don't want that, it won't make them good money and it will save the consumer lots of money

They want to gouge those high paying user a lot more then what they have already paid
That's 44.95 a month or 59.95 a month plus 1 dollar per GB

For 24.95 a month you're capped at 384k/128k for a mere 5gb pretty shitty matey
10gb at 44.95 a month
20gb at 59.95 a month
doubling that to 10 to 40gb is still pretty much the same crap with the same overage charges of 1 dollar per gb.