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Saint Louis, MO
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Re: The right way to offer metered Internet service

Why did the media create a fire-storm? Because people were p^ssed off(not happy) about the issue.

The VAST majority (certainly not all) of short term issues only become short term issues becuase they were not addressed (in the past) when they were long term issues. The rate of bandwidth consumption has only been headed in one direction since the birth of the internet and it will continue to go in that direction for a lot longer. Everybody knows this. TWC has tried to ignore and prevent this.

If you think I am wrong, just look back at the article on stock jocks(front page). They thought that Verizon was throwing away their money and Qwest was the smartest kid on the block. Compare the two companies positions today. Verizon is a HUGE threat to its competitors in every market they have moved Fios into. Qwest is looking at having to sell its long distance lines just to stay in business(a move that would probably mean the end of Qwest). For the most part, if a company stays on top of its long term issues the short term issues do not offer any significant problems. Conversely if a company ignores long term issues(Qwest in the past, TWC past/now) they create short term issues that they may or may not be able to overcome.


Burlington, MA
And people weren't unhappy about a billion other things? No, sorry Laz, but reality isn't anything like what you assert.


Saint Louis, MO

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It is a matter of degree. If I get a $10 parking ticket that I do not think I deserve, I will probably just pay it. Not becuase the ticket was right, but becuase it is not worth my time to fight over a $10 ticket. Now move that ticket up to a $100 and I am FAR more likely to fight it. The $1GB was not going to be some minor annoyance. People could easily see how it was going to cost them $150/month for the same service that they were getting at $60/month(or less).