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Silver Spring, MD

modem administrator page

Hi all,

I just signed up with CavTel, and I want to control settings in the modem (6218-I2). I was told by CavTel techs that I can use user/user to access to the admin page to do port forwarding, but that user seems to be useless to me. I need the admin account so that I can see NAT options, but the CavTel techs do not want to give out that information. Zhone manual says that it is admin/admin, but it does not work for me.

Is there anybody here using CavTel and having admin account? Anybody has any advice or idea?

Thanks a bunch,



I just signed up for Cavalier and I too have been puzzled by my inability to access the modem/router config page using an administrative login. User/user works fine. Of course the default admin/admin doesn't want to let me in.

I called Cavalier and explained this issue in very clear terms, and my CSR didn't know what the heck I was talking about. "I don't think you can access that." Right...

I asked that she get a second opinion, and according to her supervisor the login should be admin/admin.

My 2 thoughts:
1) Either the Cavalier folks had Zhone's default changed over to something else, and they refuse to give admin info over to their customers (which i see as a potential security risk... not allowing for full protection of the config page)

OR the more unlikely scenario (very improbable)

2) Zhone screwed something up on their end, but I doubt that.

Please reply if anybody has any thoughts...