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Austin, TX

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reply to moonpuppy

Re: foxnews.com infected?

I am a novice and would like to ask some questions if I may. I was on Foxnews and had the popup appear days ago. I didn't click on anything. I was just reading the front page (Foxnews.com)

1. Do they call it scareware because it just scares you and nothing can happen?

2. I posted my hijack log in Security Cleanup and I had some trojans? in Java. Would this have come from that popup on Fox? Or I picked it up somewhere else? [My Java was not up to date]

3. I've read this whole thread, those links (and the znet one) and it's all gibberish to me. I know that article states fox got rid of the virus (or whatever it's called) but have you brave folks checked it out yourselves? I would like to go there but want to be sure it's gone.

Thanks so much for your time.