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Clare, IL

DSL and Discontinued landline service

I had both at&t landline and DSL service but my parents wanted me to save money and got me a Tmobile Hotspot@Home VOIP service. I was really hesitant with this idea since i know the disadvantages, the answering machine needed to be relocated, and also the unreliable DSL service. So yesterday i hooked up the provided tmobile router with my DSL modem and I had internet up in my local network. The VOIP service didnt work yet because it needed activation. The activation process was irritating and I gave up on it. Anyways I had an old phone which uses the landline's power. I had the chance to test it to see if theres dial tone. It turned on and there was no dialtone. (In the end I wasn't still able to get the VOIP up yet.)

So yesterday I was playing an online game, then got disconnected at a critical moment. I hurried to restore my internet and found out that my modem said (on the console) NO DSL SYNC error. It was a familiar error to me which strangely occur when the temperature changes. I tried to trouble shoot it and tried to test the line using the phone i mentioned above. Now there's no power on the line. The phone was dead (it has indicator lights).

I still have to rule out outtage as a cause but just want some light on what might be happening.

Oh btw, someone gave me an idea if i connect the router with the voip phone line back to my phone jack, all our phones in the home will get the voip line too. It was logical so I did it to test it but it probably shorted our phone line system.. but will this be the case?


Eastlake, OH
We need some clarity on what you have and are doing. First is your DSL lineshare or dry loop DSL? If it is line share and you discontinue the phone the DSL goes bye-bye with it. If dry loop it will not have dial tone.


West Chicago, IL
reply to Xent9
I'm assuming you had an att phoneline and a lineshare dsl. If so, what has happened as TheDuck pointed out, is that Tmobile has ported your line. Which means you no longer have an att phoneline. It also means you no longer have a lineshare dsl (it went away with the att phoneline and can't be brought back). If this is this case, you will need to order a "dryloop" dsl circuit. Mom and Dad may have saved you a few bucks, but bought you a bushel of trouble. Good luck.