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San Antonio, TX
reply to Flea210

Re: Users name and Password wtf?

I do have the UM100c and I did the uninstall and reinstall of everything from the quicklink but that’s what made it worse. I'm running off Vista and I know that can effect’s things but when I put back on one of my other commuters (With XP) its installed on it tells me the same thing and I've also used the connection path on my computers internet finder program which worked for about 5 minutes.

well, the only issue with Vista, is the user account control while installing. If you disable it, you should have no problem. If I were you, I would call up tech support (I work there), and tell them that you're having the user name / password issue, they can refresh your device in the switch, and make sure to have them check your device numbers versus what they have in the system. If you go to your QLM program, and click on help-> about quick link mobile, you're gonna find a whole bunch of info about your device and connection. You want to make sure that the phone number is the same, the MIN, your RSSI should be less than (aka closer to zero) -100 dbm. Also, if you have QLM installed correctly under Vista, you can try another trick that works sometimes. Go to tools -> activation. It's gonna say "this device has already been activated....." just click yes and make sure that is say update "NAM parameters" and "updating PRL", then check your connection. 1 more thing, make sure that no other network connection is enabled! That is probably the number 1 problem we encounter. What happens, is that any network connection other than Cricket Broadband will cause the BB card to go into a "dormant" state, and start to act really funny. Hope this helps, I'll keep checking back....