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Tenants Harbor, ME

[billing] Fairpoint Billing

Had a talk with a FP rep today about the past due balance on my 4/21 statement. My check for the March bill, due 3/20, cleared my bank on 3/17, yet was not posted on the statement generated on 4/21. I got some lame excuse about the billing company not being in sync with FP. The rep stated that over 500 call were recieved about past due balances.
Next, there was a charge for a long distance plan that was to be cancelled on 3/19 - which it was. Another lame excuse after he removed the charge.
Then I complained about not being able to access by account on-line after being promised a temp password being emailed to me by 3/17 - which never arrived. He then proceeded to clear the account and verbally gave me the temp password.
Later I accessed the account, changed the password and proceeded to the view/pay bill tab. The first page of the previous statement popped up, not the current statement. To view the entire statement I had to open a pdf file - ugh. And then checking the screen, there appeared no way to pay online.
At least my on-hold time was about 10 minutes.


Brunswick, ME
FairPoint management seems to be most proficient at blaming everyone but themselves.


Bangor, ME
reply to Bob285
ya it seems that fairPoint can't seem to get thier billing right. They this month tried to charge me for instalation and $9.99 for shipping. I called them and had to ask what the hell did they ship to me. And what did they instal. That I have had DSL for over 4 years now. Then the lady said we are sorry and removed the charges so she said. REAd your bills!!