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Re: Okay, PRETEND that I believe. So what's worse?

3. You are a slave to the machine, you will be assimilated, you have no chance to survive, make your time

This is so dumb.

"The amount of traffic generated each month by YouTube is now equivalent to the amount of traffic generated across the entire internet in all of 2000."

Really? I thought the internet was stuck in 1997
Even back then, videos online were pretty popular. Granted, you needed to be on a fast connection, but Windows Media and Real streams were definitely out there. Now we have a plethora of arguably worse quality flash based video everywhere - anybody with a computer can post completely pointless videos, and anybody can view them.

Wonder if anyone has bothered to look at something like this...
...We've managed to keep up so far... And at some point, even if IPV6 does take off, and everything has an IP address, is online, and chatting about pointlessness, we'll still have a pretty good chance of being "caught up" enough to handle everything.

In other news, by 2012 we still won't have transporter technology, replicators, or warp drive ...due to our poor clogged interweb tubes I'm sure