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Re: Auditing

Did you look at the link I posted? The numbers were clearly printed in black and white. There is also money that goes into that fund that gets sent back to schools for telecom services. If you think I'm being silly, call all of the school districts around you and ask them what their e-rate funding level is and total annual amounts on their recent FCDLs (funding committment decision letters).

Now there is most certainly abuse of the program by providers and applicants but that is what the auditing is for. I'm also familiar with that process....in case you were wondering.

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said by mj3431:

Did you look at the link I posted? The numbers were clearly printed in black and white.
So you don't think there is any waste/fraud whatsoever going on at the schools allegedly receiving those funds, and, even if there is, that's A-OK with you because even if the entire USF program is a scam/joke, the very few schools that may be the recipients of the USF outweigh any oversight. Sorry, I'm not with you on that count. The entire fund needs to go away or else have some serious auditing and accountability processes implemented.
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I never said I didn't think there was some amount of fraud/abuse (as with any federal program). You're obviously not reading my posts or you would have seen that I already agreed to some level of abuse. However, there are a lot more schools than you think that take advantage of funding from this program. In Missouri that number is close to 85% with funds showing up out of almost every wave of funding (I think there have been 45 already from last year). Unless you have personally been through the e-rate process, an audit, or a PIA review I don't expect you to understand the specifics or do any real homework before you start challenging me on the numbers. I also said that auditing was increasing and I provided proof, but it seems that nobody really cares about the actual facts.