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Irmo, SC

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reply to 81399672

Re: New posting requirement for anonymous posters

said by 81399672:

One of the best thing about this board is that you can post annoymousely. It's up to justin to decide if that should change or not after all this is his board.
Really? Of all the things, THAT is the best thing on this board? I'm not going to ask, as I am sure the answer will just make my eyes bleed, but no, it isn't the best thing on this board. All I can really see it as is a way for people to troll, create dumb ass topics, or hide behind anonymity because they lack the intestinal fortitude to stand behind the things they say.

THE ONLY time I could see anonymity being required/useful, would be if someone were in a particular situation in life and were embarrassed or worried about having their regular ID compromised. That is it, AND I don't think that those situations would ever arise in the Home Improvement forum.

Strongly *Signed*