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Use MagicJack on Linux, PPC Mac

For those who still have questions about MagicJack on Linux or PPC Mac, I've spent a couple days figuring it out and wanted to share. I'm a multi-platform user, so bear with me. On Windoze and Intel Mac, MJ works just fine so far. Since they don't support Linux and PPC Macs, you have to use the MJ as simply a dongle, your phone as a headset, and third party software to run your phone. First, find a Vista machine and use MJInfo.exe and get the SIP and password stuff. PPC mac wound up working best with X-Lite. Ya have to dial out and receive using the Interface, and use external speakers for your ringer. Send a letter to MJ asking them for a PPC port. Linux (Ubuntu, in this case), not so good. Ekiga could work if I fiddled with it more. Twinkle works in the same way X-Lite did - no ring on incoming and no use of telephone keypad. Linux users, write to MJ and ask for a port. Both of these ports would be easy to do. Or, if you're an unemployed programmer maybe you could build us something. If you haven't purchased a MJ, shop for an appliance that does the job on PPC or Linux. I have enough computers, so I'm okay, but would love to use my old Mini as a phone.

From Mazilo
Lilburn, GA

said by dbasham:

First, find a Vista machine and use MJInfo.exe and get the SIP and password stuff.
Once you get the information, you can configure your MJ on any SIP compliant ATA device.

I am sure you already know that using MJ on any device, other than its dongle, violates one of its TOS that can lead to an earlier termination.
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Yes, you are right. That's why I encourage MJ to pay for a couple days of coding; users who don't want the trouble can shop for an appliance and/or use another service. I'm interested, so I'll look around for a simple alternative. Still beats $50/mo I currently pay to QWest and another $50 to Verizon. Thanks for the comment.


Brookline, MA



where Dan claims there will be Linux support in the 3rd quarter of this year - of course, it will probably be later, but at least he's talking about it.

There's no shortage
Sty in Sky

A year ago it was "soon" or the 3rd quarter of 2008....

Sacramento, CA
reply to dbasham

1. Linux is used by few users and has multiple flavors (RedHat, Ubuntu, etc.). Little incentive for MJ or any other software company to support it.

2. Windows is the predominate operating system in the world.

I seriously doubt that MJ will ever be an easy Linux platform software unless some 3rd person party writes the software.

Just my opinion.

Re #2. Yeh, I've heard that, but the rest of us have more fun. Last year, someone counted 22 million OSX users; this year, counter li estimated 29 million Linux users. If you could get a dollar from each for a bit of software, you could pay your Visa bill.


I am not even sure I want MJ support in Linux. Here's why: The MJ programmers would no doubt make the drivers closed-source -- a binary blob. And there is a lot of controversy about the Windows drivers being full of crapware, so what would stop them from pulling similar shenanigans with Linux? I just don't trust any closed source driver and I only use the ones I absolutely have to (mainly nvidia drivers).

Has anyone had any success with WINE? Also, virtualbox is very good and I wouldn't be surprised if MJ runs flawlessly in it.


Brookline, MA

1 edit

MJ can be run in VirtualBox but I found that sound doesn't work smoothly - this is true for any application in virtual Windows, not just MJ. One poster in the magicjacksupport.com forum once claimed to have gotten it working in Wine, but we haven't heard any more since.


So far the best bet is to get the SIP creds and use them in either a SIP softphone or an ATA.

Edit: Should have also mentioned that when running MJ in VirtualBox, I could only get it working using a headset, not a telephone.