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Algonquin, IL

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reply to Nick_L

Re: New posting requirement for anonymous posters

said by Nick_L:

And that's a big problem. You have just flipantly dismissed several intelligent posts strictly because you don't agree.
If I had, in all honesty, dismissed the concerns "flippantly" then we wouldn't really be having this discussion right now would we? No we wouldn't...I would have just closed the thread and been on my merry way doing other things like....oh I don't know....working, doing homework, playing with my kids, eating lunch, etc.

I let this thread be open because I thought it would be interesting, but so far everybody who has said I've offended the spirit of this forum or dismissed the intelligent posts have missed one thing; they are not in the majority of people.

If you want to get upset of what amounts to a very small change on an Internet chat forum go ahead, but don't call me flippant or suggest that I'm ignoring intelligent posts because at that point your just saying I'm dumb.

And with that we're done......
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