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Essex Junction, VT

Westell 6100 vs 2200

I have been using a Westell 2200 and a Linksys wireless access point for sometime. I have the chance to get a new Westell 6100. My question is this- does anyone who has this setup or not, believe that I will see any "improvement" in speed or quality of service versus the 2200. I know the 2200 is getting rather long in the tooth and does not support ADSL 2. Thanks for everyones input and opinions.

Milford, NH
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FairPoint, like Verizon, does not officially support ADSL2. That being said as new DSLAM line cards are added they automatically include ADSL2/ADSL2+ support. If both DSLAM and customer modem support newer version it is used preferentially.

ADSL2 offers somewhat better margins on long circuits. If margin is already better then 10 dB and modem able to sync at correct rate you are not going to notice a difference switching modems.

Nothing wrong with getting a modem that supports ADSL2 but don't expect miracles.



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I had an ancient Westell Infospeed DSL modem that we just upgraded to a top of the line new Netgear. There has been no noticeable difference in speed at all.


united state
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VZ sent me a free 6100 when I tried to report a network failure. Tech support was somehow convinced my 2200 had failed, but it was fine. Now, with 2 modems (keep your old 2200) you can demonstrate a network failure is not likely to be the fault of your equipment, unless both modems have failed. I've never noticed any difference in performance between the 2200 and 6100.