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San Antonio, TX
reply to Flea210

Re: Users name and Password wtf?

They told me that as well but didn't work either, I even did the self activation but that hasn't worked either so they filled out another ticket. I got say this is really starting to piss me off, I cant get work done at all.

Hopefully by now Tier 2 has gotten back with you. It has been my experience, that c-r-i-c-k-e-t in all lowercase is the correct password for all devices, however, as i was doing some research today, I found out that some legacy devices actually use the password c-r-i-c-k-e-t- 1 as the password. Normally, though, a simple uninstall / reinstall does the trick. Your issue really perplexes me, because honestly I have only had a couple of instances where I had to submit an OTTO for a username/password error. I'll check our databases again to see if I can find another fix. Let me ask you, have you gone to the store yet to have them check the modem? Don't go to a dealer, go to a full service store, and ask them to check the device on their computer. There might actually be an issue with your modem and sending the right info to the server. If it works ok on their system, then you can rule that out, and focus on computer or install issues

reply to Flea210

Oh, and the more bars you have, the better the signal, just like a cell phone. The whole 2 bars thing is just so we make sure you have enough signal. It will actually work with just one bar, but it might intermittently disconnect. 2 bars, you're fine. 3 bars, even better. Regardless, the bars of signal won't cause the issue you're having.