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Ames, IA
reply to system001

Re: 3GB a month, slightly more?

said by system001 :

broadband services work with bytes not bits. there is no conversion. the isp's flat out state your service will be 4, 6, 7, 12, 20, 50 MEGABYTES PER SECOND. not once do they ever mention bits. this is the type of confusion isp's love so they can cheat you out of promised bandwidth.
i don't know if you're saying they can't be converted or that ISPs are advertising speeds in bytes, but that's also not true. Megabits per second is abbreviated as Mbps. If you're talking megabytes per second, usually that's MBps, however, megabytes per second is a very uncommon measurement of transfer speed. Transfer speeds have always been measured in bits, not bytes. Go read the wikipedia article here and you will see only bits/second measured; never bytes.