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Falls Church, VA

[VA] What are my Cox DNS Servers?

The dslreports cox dns list is not current and I can't ping what it says is my dns server:

I'm currently using:

According to google, those are West coast servers. I'm in Northern VA.

Anyone have the correct IP's?


Greenwood, MO
I would recommend OpenDNS's DNS servers ( and since switching it's been almost night and day.


Falls Church, VA

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reply to DirtDigler
I second that. I use OpenDNS: as my primary, but keep and as secondary servers.

BTW, returns a ping time of 8-11 ms. So it can't possibly be on the west coast. Its really close with those times. returns ping of 45 ms. So it is a bit further away, as the bits fly.

28.12 responds to ping in 8 ms for me, and 29.12 responds in 45 ms.

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Omaha, NE
reply to DirtDigler
they are different for each area. I use DHCP and get the auto assigned by cox and never have had a problem.


Falls Church, VA
reply to DirtDigler
Thanks, I'll switch to OpenDNS and give them a try. The tracert's on Cox's servers get way too high. first hop will be like 40, second jumps to 300's, third is like 60, fourth ranges around the 200's. It's consistent like that too.

Mary Esther, FL
or for a non redirect free zone, try and


I use Cox's DNS with out any trouble... ever... and I trust them more than OpenDNS. If you want to "opt-out" of their enhanced error page (getting re-directed) use these dns servers:,

»support.cox.com/sdccommon/asp/co ··· rect.asp

reply to DirtDigler
As of late, I have been having a lot of issues with OpenDNS. I wasn't able to hit a bunch of websites (including Google) on any of my PC's that were setup to use OpenDNS. As soon as I changed those PC's back to Auto (Cox) I was able to hit all those sites without any issues. I've also noticed a lot of stalls using OpenDNS.

Usually I have issues with Cox's DNS Servers, but as of late, the opposite has been true.

reminds me of the danse russe
Chandler, AZ
reply to DirtDigler
if you have a spare pc you can always load up a copy of your favorite linux distro, install bind and then webmin. centos 5.x is really clean for that. minimal install with gnome and then yum bind and webmin. very painless configuration that allows for local dns resolution, dns caching, and root server lookup (or forwarding to your favorite external dns service).

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Poway, CA
reply to MineCoast
Interesting- I haven't seen any OpenDNS problems.

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Alexandria, VA

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reply to DirtDigler
Cox's DNS "local" DNS servers generally follow the naming convention ns1(2).aa.cox.net; with the "aa" being the local network's 2-letter designation.

See: FAQ Listing of Cox 2-Letter Local Codes

Cox NoVA's servers are therefore:
ns1.dc.cox.net -
ns2.dc.cox.net -

(Not sure where those two servers you listed are physically located -- although a tracert to that 2nd one goes thru Dallas)

That said, I too use OpenDNS; w/o any problems to-date.


said by NoVA_CoxUser:

(Not sure where those two servers you listed are physically located -- although a tracert to that 2nd one goes thru Dallas)
I'm not sure where your getting Dallas TX from:

traceroute to ns1.dc.cox.net (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
1 172.16.x.x (172.16.x.x) 0.499 ms 0.465 ms 0.322 ms
2 10.1.x.x (10.1.x.x) 22.855 ms 22.814 ms 22.584 ms
3 provsysc01-gex0101000.ri.ri.cox.net ( 22.452 ms 22.401 ms 22.144 ms
4 ip68-9-7-128.ri.ri.cox.net ( 21.444 ms 21.336 ms 28.439 ms
5 provdsrj01-ge500.0.rd.ri.cox.net ( 28.387 ms 28.256 ms 27.687 ms
6 * * *
7 nyrkbbrj01-so000.r2.ny.cox.net ( 22.343 ms 54.978 ms 64.656 ms
8 nyrkbbrj02-ae0.0.r2.ny.cox.net ( 64.520 ms 64.244 ms 63.881 ms
9 ( 69.319 ms 69.302 ms 69.032 ms
10 ashbbbrj02-ae0.0.r2.as.cox.net ( 68.726 ms 68.188 ms 68.445 ms
11 * * *
12 mrfddsrj02-ge710.rd.dc.cox.net ( 23.182 ms * mrfddsrj02-so010.rd.dc.cox.net ( 51.704 ms
13 ns1.dc.cox.net ( 59.014 ms 58.483 ms 58.410 ms
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Stand back from the cage -- The RF bites
Alexandria, VA

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said by Net_Neutral:

... I'm not sure where your getting Dallas TX from ...
I said the "2nd one" referring to the two DNS servers listed by the OP (specifically the 29.11 DNS server)

As you can see below, when hitting that server from Northern VA -- hop 8 is in Atlanta while hop 10 is in Dallas.

Tracing route to cdns6.cox.net []
over a maximum of 30 hops:
  1    32 ms    39 ms     7 ms  192.168.x.x
  2    11 ms     7 ms     8 ms  10.7.xxx.x
  3    57 ms    10 ms    20 ms  ip72-219-223-101.dc.dc.cox.net []
  4    32 ms    17 ms    46 ms  mrfddsrj01-ge110.rd.dc.cox.net []
  5     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  6     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  7     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  8    91 ms    14 ms    77 ms  lkhndsrc02-fe0432.rd.at.cox.net []
  9     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 10    78 ms    49 ms    63 ms  dalsbbrj02-ae3.0.r2.dl.cox.net []
 11    66 ms    47 ms    71 ms  cdns6.cox.net []
Trace complete.