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reply to djphoenix

Re: Advice on Networking.

First recommendation, ditch the flat network designs. Your servers should have their own switch, or ideally, pair of switches, and be dual homed. All network devices should also be dual homed.

If you want the K: drive requirement to work, you have to have a beefier WAN. 256kbps doesn't cut it any more. You have to look into something like DFS or filesystem replication.

Also ditch the single small, 500VA UPS for all of the servers design. Either get decent UPS for each server (1000-1500VA) or get a large enough UPS for all of the servers to be able to run for 15 minutes to allow for an ordered shutdown. UNIX boxen and Exchange servers aren't particularly fond of sudden and improper shutdowns.

And like the other guys said, get some more modern gear... Seriously, hubs?!
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