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Tenants Harbor, ME

DSL Installation issue

Neighbor signed up for FP low speed dsl. Equipment arrived in 2 days, a 7500 modem/router. New Dell notebook took longer to arrive. With filters installed and modem plugged in the PC picked up the connection and there was access to the internet. So far, all is fine. Next attempted to use the FairPoint Installation CD(FPINSTCD Ver. 1.0) to establish the email account, etc. The installation balked at the OS check. It checked for Vista and the notebook has installed Vista Home Premium, which is identified as "Vista 6". Installation stopped as "Vista 6" is not the required "Vista".
So now attached modem directly to a Dell desktop running XP SP2. The OS check went OK. Proceeded to screen for entering name, address, etc., including a password. Clicking next resulted in a halt with an error at line 126 of Fairpoint DSL\smartaccess\common\snapins\installer\sma_usercreds.htm
There was no getting beyond this, so no installation.
Anyone experiencing the same issue?
I'll do more research and use the 1-800 when there is time to wait and wait and wait.
At least the neighbor has DSL internet access.

Milford, NH
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I'm not a big fan of ISP (Verizon or FairPoint) install CD.

Is you neighbor using a tradition email program like Outlook to access email or does he/she prefer Web based?

It is easy to configure Outlook or similar email program to access email. Create a new account. Incoming (POP) and Outgoing (SMTP) servers are the same: mail.myfairpoint.net. Enter user name and password. It is the same as used to log into DSL. Under Outgoing Mail Server Check "My server requires authentication." This is the same as used for incoming email. If your neighbor has multiple accounts select one to be primary. If they have multiple email account there may be problems sending email due to ISP antispam measures.

To set up email aliases and manage account, log into
»www.myfairpoint.net/ web site. Note only supports Opera (MAC) and IE (PC) browsers.

Just a personal opinion I rarely use ISP email. Your neighbor may want to set up a Google Gmail or Yahoo free email account.



united state

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reply to Bob285
It is encouraging that they can connect without using the CD at all. VZ used to install DSL with a "walled garden" preventing any internet access until you ran their install CD.

Perhaps FP tech support can just point you to an internal web page that allows email account creation, rather than trying to get the install CD working. I don't think www.myfairpoint.net lets you create your first email account, only manage additions after that.


Tenants Harbor, ME

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You are correct about not being able to create email accounts online.

The neighbor called FP support which answered on first ring. The tech, Robin, confirmed that the install CD should not be used as it has problems with it. FP should with not include the cd in the dsl package or correct the problems. She informed my neighbor that an email account was already established and then provided both the id and complex initial password for accessing the account, only to miss-read the last character as a l (number one) instead of the letter l (lower case L). This was discovered later on the initial attempt access web mail to confirm that all the given info was correct.
Robin then assisted in logging into the modem/router to configure it properly. She actually did a decent support job.
Neighbor is now pleased as all is properly set up.