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The Dv8or
Just call me Dong Suck Oh, M.D.
Denver, CO
reply to Joe12345678

Re: Advice on Networking.

said by Joe12345678:

said by cypherstream:

Actually in a manufacturing environment, those old systems are not unheard of. I used to work in Manufacturing, and that company had a bunch of old 486's and early model pentiums running equipment. All the computer did was run dos, connect to the network drive, pull csv files and use that decimal data to know how big to cut material. Some of the old controllers freaked out when running faster CPU's. It's like their counters were way off and the systems didn't work. Needless to say we would get old crap at auction for that. I don't work there anymore, but I can understand the use for that ancient equipment in certain situations.
but they should still plan for new software as it will get harder and harder to find working 486 parts.
Now you know why IBM still has a mainframe division. Many companies choose not to upgrade, but rather continue to pour cash into the money pit that is these antiquated systems because somehow it makes more financial sense than putting capital into upgrades. "Buying new" is always a luxury for many of these companies for some ungodly reason.
You're so vain... I bet you think this post is about you.