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So, Nebuad slinks off never to be seen.....

.... or do they?

They've just moved to Britain to start up again because they know our government is refusing to enforce EU data interception laws and so giving these parasites such as nebuad and phorm some illusion that what they do will be ratified legal in out courts. Think again.


Glen Carbon, IL
From that article:

This will come as no surprise to most as we certainly expected NebuAd to rebrand and relaunch in an attempt to shed their tarnished reputation - but what is a concern is that it is very clear the UK has become a safe haven for corporations with a desire to prey on people’s personal and private data.
Hmm.....what does that remind me of? Oh yeah, Packard Bell.

As for the UK government, I have this to say: If you are British and just happen to be from there, I have no problem with you. I have no problem with tea, crumpets, or your different spellings. But, your government sucks.