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My views are my own.
reply to Matt3

Re: Some investors are not very smart.

Why are those people being sued in the first place?

Law suites are fine.. it's why we have judges.. do we have a corrupt court system? or a politically over run system.....?

First off, in my opinion, all communications and utility companies should have some sort of regulation simply becuase the spectrum and pipelines are limited in nature.

However, let me take vonage for an example.. that company stole.. they deserved the lawsuits they got.. if they got sued out of existence, and yes, I'm a customer of Vonage since 2004, then they deserve to die off.. and yes, I'd hate to see the service go. However, we live in a nation of laws.. if they violated one and got sued and run off.. that's life bud.

I don't believe in Robin Hood.. I don't believe in taking from the rich to give to the poor.. they way I saw Vonage is that many people agree with what they did becuase the "ends justified the means".. which to this day rarely, if ever, holds up in legal argument.

Consumer interest, I'm sorry to say, are not always first and we need to stop pretending that's so.. Yes, it's not a popular thing to say around these parts, however, in order to say that consumer interests come first is to also say that you have a right to, or are entitled to.. The only basics of entitlement is the right to Life, Liberty, and the PURSUIT of happiness. And, right now, liberty has been largely taken away, and many people aren't happy becuase the pursuit has been throttled by the lack of liberty . . The system is a two way street.