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Native New Yorker
reply to jfhdk

Re: [Scam] Ebay Motors Scam

said by jfhdk :

Is there anyone I could report him to, or is he pretty anonymous being on gmail?
I wonder...
There are others on this forum far more experienced who might give you an answer to that question. If you're asking me because of what I mentioned regarding his e-mail address, then you probably should understand that nothing about this bozo is likely real. I mean he pawns himself off a member of the military (as do many others who utilize the exact same spiel in their come-on) by using military ranks such as Sergeant or Lieutenant. However, these people simply don't talk like someone who is/was actually in the military and continually make the same mistakes that stand out like the proverbial sore thumb to those of us with genuine military backgrounds.

For example: this absolute nonsense about being assigned to a specific country "to improve military relations" is utter bunk. Even if there was even a grain of truth to the claim, such liaison assignments wouldn't be open to the lower ranks of Sergeant or Lieutenant except in rare circumstances and then only as aide-de-camps to a higher ranking individual. It just doesn't work like that and is a sure indication of a scam of one sort or another. Another example that doesn't jive is the constant harping about having the car shipped by something the scammer refers to as "US Air Military Cargo". I'd like to have a face-to-face meeting with our would-be philanderer and have him explain just how he plans on accomplishing such a feat using military aircraft. There are ways a service member can ship what is commonly called in the military a POV (privately owned vehicle) but it just ain't as easy as this bozo describes and there is a lot involved.

Anyway, didn't mean to write a massive response to your inquiry. It's just that I've been on these boards a long, long time and continually see this same old tired attempt by scammers over and over again. Anytime you see this stuff, run for the hills. It's 100% phony.

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