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Charleston, SC
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New Wireless Equipment Popping up around the area...

Ok, first off, I don't know if I'm posting this in the correct forum (please move if incorrect).

I live in New Bedford, MA and a few months ago I noticed a few workers from WaveGuide (»www.waveguidefiber.com/home.html) Working on the utility poles outside my house. Seemed like they were either moving the lines a bit or installing new cable mounts. I thought at first maybe it was for FIOS.

We'll more recently they began laying conduit accross the street (one street has utility poles, and the other has underground lines) Not sure if its for the same purpose, but they have been working on this for a week now. Yesterday there were a bunch of guys outside with blue prints and vehicles from various states (no business names on the trucks though) walking around where the conduit is being laid.

Today I went for a walk and noticed WaveGuide is stringing up Fiber all over the neighborhood. I also noticed the other day down the street and also in another part of town new wireless equipment mounted to utility poles. So new that the electric meters have not been installed yet. I walked by one today, didn't get to take a Pic but found it online. It looks like a PowerWave Nexus FT Repeater (»www.powerwave.com/nexusft_single···band.asp) with an antenna mounted to the top of the pole.

I was wondering if anyone has any ideas what this could be for? Could it be for residential/commercial internet access or is municipal?

Sorry for the tiny stock photo, couldn't find anything better. I will try and get down there again this weekend and get a better picture.

Thanks for your input.

I live in a van down by the river.
Sugar Land, TX

Most likely it is for electronic meter reading. Those have been popping up around Houston also and that is what they are for.