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[speed/latency] Fairpoint Doing stuff without asking?

So after a lot of hassle finally got the 3.0 mb service... well basically speedtests had it at about 2500-2800
... then it broke (problem on their end)... then 2 weeks later it got fixed.... then it broke(Was told by a technician it was a bug in the system that affected many)... put in another "ticket" (has anyone got any of these answered? I've gotten my problems solved by directly calling a technician)

(Problem DSL light but no sync)

1 week i call to find out the hold up... informed my ticket has been passed on to the higher ups...
another week same deal... still not fixed around about 3 weeks but w/e I had a trip to Fla for 9 days...

I'm informed that my internet is working by a family member the day before i return... but when i get back its now 864/160 speed... I wasn't even aware this was even sold... (offered
1.5,3.0,7.0) but apparently its the lowest speed they do?

Would Fairpoint do this while I'm paying for 3.0 MB (not to mention the month that i couldn't even use it)

Plan on contacting them tomorrow anyway but due to my experience with them over the phones i doubt ill get anything resolved till 2010.

Maybe they booted me down 2 speeds because i cant get the 3 mb service?

If Anyone could fill me in on what could possibly go on would be nice... can post information that is needed later on

-Thanks an sorry for the fragmented/horrible english playing a video game while posting


Richford, VT
I should have 3/768 also but it never goes above 1500/140. Same experience with support. I've had a trouble ticket open since April 22. No one can give me an answer as to why my speed is slow. You can read the details of my situation a few threads below ( »Is FP ignoring me??? They say they will call and don't ever ).

They still have done nothing and never call me back when they say they will. I finally filed a complaint with the state only to find out that internet services are not state regulated and all they can do is talk to FP about the issue. That's where I am now. The state contacted FP last week and are waiting to hear back. Hopefully they can get some answers.

Milford, NH
reply to Rawr4
DSL is distance limited. Do you remember what line stats were at 3000/768? What are they now at the lower speed?

If line cannot support either 1500/384 or 3000/768 will need to call and have monthly charge reduced.



Essex Junction, VT
I've had similar issues - stead 3mbps service for the past year+ and now my modem creeps down to ~800k and I have to reset it each week to start the countdown over again.

I'm pretty sure FP hasn't spliced in another 4-5000 feet of copper since they took over, so something else must be going on.


I think FAirpoint may have "spliced in some more copper". My DSL has been so slow working from home is exasperating. With VZ I never had a problem, so I didn't check the speed or where the servers were. Tonight FP tech helped test. best speed was just 1.5mbs witha 46mS ping. The server is in Manchester NH. Does anyone know where the server was with VZ? I would bet is was in Burlington, 10 miles away not 100 and that is why the speed was so much better. The speed test I picked up from CNET never shows anything over 700mbs now. Vermont and N. New England are in trouble with these bozo's from NC. Down there they know Yankee as another word for suckers.


reply to Rawr4
I have been seeing issues as well. Been mostly during what I think are "peak" hours. For example I was play a game last night from 8-11. From 8 to 10 my ping was ~1000. The server is one I rent out of NY so not far from me and one that pings well normaly. Everyone else had a ping of ~50, 3 were my friends that live in the Essex and Huntington areas of VT (they don't use Fairpoint DSL). Then magically at ~10:05pm last night my ping doped to ~70 and stayed there for the rest of the night.

I'm going to try some different games and the same game over the next couple nights but I really think that FP is doing some kind of packet priority during some hours.

Too many cats, Too many mice
Im not sure
reply to tschmidt
The fiber network isn't functioning well here, either, Tom.

I have speed tests that range from 15/2 down to dialup/zip. Can't keep a connection after midnight most nights, and I notice it simply because I work many nights. The line quality simply bottoms out late at night... bounces like a ping-pong ball.

Have replaced the router, all of the Cat6, and my neighbor has had FP out here twice. As per usual, FP says that it is his/my equipment, not anything to do with their network...

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