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Ellerslie, GA

Worst Provider I've Ever Used

I've used many different providers in many different states, and this one is by far the worst. Not only are they the only provider in the area, but their owner has ties to the local government making it near impossible for competition to move in. Every time there has been a request for a another provider to move into the area the local gov denied it. Their plant is really old, with really old equipment running on it.

The hardline in the majority of the area is 500 mc squared, which was great 30 years ago. I had over 5 techs out to troubleshoot my digital tiling and crap internet speeds with no improvement. HD tiled pretty often, especially during football games. My internet was great when I woke up, but I work for a living so I never was able to use it when it was working. 5pm til I woke up the speeds sucked, as did the ping times. Oh, and they never could get VOD to work.

I pay less for 5 times the channels with satellite, and a few premiums, than I did with the basic HD channels with a dvr with CTVEA. Same with the internet. I went with Bellsouth's DSL 6.0 Extreme for over $10 cheaper than I was paying for 3meg down with CTVEA.

I guess you can't expect much from a city formerly known as Sin City, but it's sad to see such a crooked deal like CTVEA and the local gov have. CTVEA screws their customers over knowing that their customers can't do anything about it other than satellite and telco services. I would much rather have Charter, Knology, or Mediacom if any of them were to move across the river and put this crooked company out of business. They should change their name to Crooked TV of East Alabama.

If anyone is debating on which service to use in Phenix City, I would definitely go with satellite and AT&T.