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Holy Cable Modem Batman

Washington, DC

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Comcast doesn't want you to use your connection, just pay for it

said by Lord Fish:

You can say that again. I have a Vudu box, and they offer Blu-ray quality downloads. The files are absolutely huge! Obviously, as internet based video-on-demand becomes more prevalent, the ISPs are going to have to seriously rethink their bandwidth caps.
The only thing that's going to make Comcast rethink its cap would be continued competition from Fios or DSL, which don't have a cap. Verizon is building its FiOs system here now and we should have it within a year. Verizon's DSL offerings in DC now include their 7.1Mb/768 plan.

Why would Comcast want you to actually use your internet in any substantial way? They just want to sell it to you. They hope you don't actually use it after you paid for it so they can keep selling "speed" instead of "capacity".

Furthermore, Comcast wants you to use their OnDemand instead of Netflix Streaming, Apple TV, or Vudu. The cap is a method of stifling competition from these other providers.
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