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I'm not an actor, but I play one on TV.
Keller, TX
reply to NormanS

Re: Just wondering if the South still exists?

said by NormanS:

Most the gasoline around here comes from south of Suisun Bay. Except for that which comes from Benicia (north of Suisun Bay).
That's nice.
Tzale lives in New Jersey...
BTW, California does import gasoline. There are a couple of places that make the California blend. Finland and Corpus Christie, TX...

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reply to Koil
said by Koil:

said by Kiwi:

Speaking of hot peppers I have started a trend locally (Actually three years ago) BBQ burgers with peppers, to die for if home made. a recipe?
Yep. Now excuse me, I had to take my fifteen month old Grand daughter on her first real lake trip. OT The sun shone brightly and she is fair skinned with blond, strawberry hair, needles to say I was more concerned with her than fishing. Fish were caught though, just not by me. They had to be released because they were all to small for the skillet; baby girl loved the fish, the wind rushing past at high speed (Normally I don't do that, but she was having too much fun). We are all pretty tired....

Anyway, home cooked burger for six @ least, no less than four, fresh of course:

The applied maximum amount of non diet ground beef. (NO. no -not bean supplement...LOL)
1/4 cup flour.
1 large egg
Teaspoon of "Six Peppers" / Salt to taste, a fair heavy sprinkling in my neck of the woods.
1/3 a teaspoon of Cilantro
One chopped clove of garlic, ground up successfully in Southern style.
...Now, scare your pants off -Marmite (Can be bought locally), two tablespoons. Not everybody appreciates this 'luxury' and can skip it and use one tablespoon of Worcester sauce.
One heaped table spoon of A1 sauce (Original)

Always, always have to add bacon, the more the better.
Non plastic cheese; a slice of sharp Cheddar and a slice of mozzarella.

Sounds complicated, but it's really not. Add hot sliced peppers onto the lettuce.Walla, a great meal.

Huge Sesame buns, lettuce and tomatoes, nothing else is needed.

BTW -The South makes a lot of 'Stuff' unfortunately unless it's from LA; you don't get to eat it; right now the South does more than the North, if one excludes free tax rides.

Er, no plastic woman as a rule, either.

St Thomas, VI
reply to Kiwi
I like the food here but I think Texas is just a different animal all on it's own. It's a little southwest and a little southern but I would never mistake it for a Tennessee or Alabama.

and I guess I am a carpetbagger cause I don't plan on moving back to the Midwest.
One never notices what has been done; one can only see what remains to be done. -Marie Curie

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Never really had a problem with any of the States I stayed in (Most), the food is certainly different though from one State to another, at least in terms of what each considers a staple everyday fare.

I wonder if there are links that discern the differences?

The most enjoyable meals State side was in Dallas and New Orleans. Always wanted to have a go at the top East for seafood, but as yet have not had a chance.

The Dixy Line seems to change...LOL The MidWest like every other place has it's ups and downs, kids hold me here, but were I live a little culture would go a long way. Real International news is pretty much absent, if not for the net and that also shows around here. "In the World today...." /insert the State.

So, how far North does one go before they leave the South, from West to East...

Irmo, SC
The Mason-Dixon is generally a good indicator.

» ··· xon_Line

Darn sight shorter than I thought, live and learn.

Mmmm, Zeebas Are Tastee.
Fort Worth, TX

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When it was surveyed, the western end of it was "out in the wilderness" by quite a few miles.

One thing to remember is that Maryland, West Virginia, and Kentucky were not part of the Confederate States of America, even though they are south of the Mason-Dixon Line. I usually include Kentucky when I think of "The South", whereas Maryland and WV are not.