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can't get them to give me my password

Like many others we have been in the throes of agony for many weeks trying to get Fairpoint to activate DSL for us. I will spare you the gruesome details, suffice to say they are legion and depict beyond scary super incompetence.

Here's the latest twist of the knife: On what was roughly the 20th call made to customer service inquiring about status of the order, we were told that a technician had to add capacity to a nearby DSLAM, or words to that effect.

I saw a worker, in fact, later that day.

I went home, plugged in the modem and lo and behold, a solid DSL signal!

Eureka! And they even finally sent the package in the mail with the modem/router!

Ahhhh but no! No username and password! No way to get to Internet even as it shows 3mbps down/1 mbps up on the DSL signal!

Can't get onto the Internet, even by using the U:admin P:password bypass combination that was always possible under Verizon!

Called tech support. "We can't find your record! Your order must be too new! Sorry! Call customer support!"

Called customer support. "Uh, I see your order as 'still in progress.' Uh no I can't give you/find you a username, password, or anything else that would help DSL Tech support find your account and help you make that final connection to the Internet. Please hold, I would need to speak to a supervisor!'

30 minutes goes by on hold. "Sorry I can't find a supervisor! What's that, you can't waste any more of your day?! I am so sorry! Bye!"

Two hours wasted.

Anybody know how I can get around actually talking to these unbelievable idiots and just complete the connection on my own? I am out of my depth here -- not to mention on the brink of insanity due to Fairpoint "customer service."


Bangor, ME
When i was having that problem after hours on the phone finally a custormer rep was able to give me the user name and password. It just took about 20 calls to get someone that had half a brain.

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Im not sure
reply to seekay
Perhaps someone can give you a better suggestion, but the only thing that has worked for me with FP is persistence. You have to bug 'em to death...

Everything that used to take Verizon one (or two at most) call(s) to resolve takes these guys many. It takes them several calls to get the point that you have a problem, it takes them several more to figure out who is supposed to handle the problem, and still more calls to locate a supervisor who can actually access the data that they need from their poorly integrated databases.

They do eventually get things going, and (at least in my case) you get used to the fact that some of their problems are chronic.
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reply to seekay
Call tech support again and ask for a supervisor. There is a way around it.