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Re: Wow...

I think the content owners are idiots in this case. The network DVR isn't necessarily a bad thing.. and, I'm glad there is, right now, no need for Cablevision to work with the providers or we'd have SOOOO many restrictions on the content, it's not even funny.

The bottom line is the content providers (CPs) are not being violated. It's not like Cablevision is recording the content and re-distributing it on a wide basis. The end user has to have selected to record it before the show starts as with the DVR today. They are not making this content available OnDemand.. it's one to one content recording/capture. The providers are, once again, grasping for straws like they did with the Beta, the VHS, Laser Disc, and DVD.

The ONLY thing I don't like about the network DVR is I'm afraid the quality of the recording and the latency of the system will be horrible. On the plus side, if the power goes out, the show still records.. since it's "network based" instead of box based, there's no more watching your programs walk out the door if a box goes bad, and maybe the EAS alert issue goes away too. Also, it SHOULD cut back on the cost of having to have multiple DVRs in the house saving money.

I'm not too worried, either, as with the new boxes from 3rd parties on the horizon, there will still be an option of network based, and box based DVRs.