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Suffern, NY
reply to bgraham

Re: I think it depends,

said by bgraham:

But now, if Cablevision makes money by charging me for the recordings that I make if I use their head end system, then I can see where the TV companies have an argument.
The fee they are going to charge is the same as the STB DVR Rental fee so they are actually charging for it just like the STB DVR which is apparently acceptable to the Media Mafia Types. I see nothing that makes them charging for the service unacceptable since, as I note, they are charging now for my doing it with their STB DVR.

The only money they make vs. the STB DVR is the savings for not purchasing the STB DVR. The savings from the lack of the STB are offset to some extent by the cost of purchasing the Drives to store the shows (including the extra space due to the need to record multiple copies to make the Media Types Happy in lieu of only one copy and feeding it on demand as is done with VOD shows) and the equipment to run the system. Given the cost of the STB, I expect that this system would


They will also save boatloads of cash on the shipping of said boxes to and from the factory because of the abnormally high failure rate of the DVR boxes. Not to mention the prices of receiving phone calls for when the boxes go bad, the cost of sending out a tech.. etc.