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Houston, TX

Anyone ever put Fedex ground package in Express only drop?

So I did something really stupid yesterday and wonder if anyone has been down this road.

I had a Fedex PRP return label to send a phone back. Boxed it up and dropped it in a fedex drop box. Tracked it this morning and nothing showed up so I looked at another label I had and saw that it said ground. Looked up the drop box i put it in and it says express.

I assumed fedex would get it over to their ground people but the rep I called said they would call me or reroute it back to me but she too could not find it in their system. The last pickcup for the drop box was at 6pm yesterday (almost 24 hours ago) so you would assume something would show up by now for tracking. She said they scan all packages regardless so that the system can kick it out and let them know there is a problem.

Has anyone else been through this and what happened?

Combat Chuck
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Verona, PA
The CSR knows what is supposed to happen but that's not what actually happens.

Your box is likely sitting at a Fedex express station waiting for the FedEx ground guy to pick it up.

Few of the guys getting drop boxes get back to their station before the ground guy does his daily pickup, some also don't get back until after the people in the office are gone (which is why they say not to put ground packages in a dropbox, it delays it at least a day); because almost none of them know how to force their scanner to do a pick up on a ground package they're going to take it back to their station and give it to someone there to process as if it were dropped off. A ground package is going to be the last thing anyone at the station worries about before they go home because it's going to sit at their station until the next day anyway. Your box probably just didn't get scanned and likely won't until Monday when the office people notice it or Ground makes their daily pickup.

I wouldn't worry about it unless it doesn't show up by Tuesday morning.
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Houston, TX
reply to jsbaker
Sounds reasonable to me. I asked what If not thing shows up for tracking come monday and she started talking about the revenue office.

I figured something would happen Monday or Tuesday.


reply to jsbaker
Fed-X ground is what used to be RPS and pretty much operates independent of Fed-X air. I'm sure they'll get your package over to Fed-X ground, but it won't show up in the system until after they do. Also, seems to me Fed-X ground only operates tue-sat.


Brooklyn, NY
FedEx ground operates Mon - Sat but in some areas only do pickups on Friday.

I put fedex ground packages all the time in FedEX boxes and they show in tracking with in a day.

FedEx (Purple) will not pickup a FedEx ground package though.
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Houston, TX
reply to jsbaker
Yeah we deal with express not wanting to take ground packsages at work all the time. I guess I can do nothing until Monday and then hope it finally shows up in their system.

Never even thought about the package being ground or the box being express only until last night since it was the return of a cell phone. Hope it makes it there eventaully since I don't want to be out the cost of the phone plus they are waiting on it to send my replacement.

West Palm Beach, FL
reply to jsbaker
We hate when people put ground packages in the express boxes. That said, combat chuck hit the nail right on the head. We take the ground packages back to the express facility but not till after the ground guy has already made his pick up. This causes your scans to be delayed for a day. If you put it in the box on Friday I wouldnt expect any scans to show on it until Monday afternoon.
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