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[CA] Have to disconnect power from cable modem to reset speeds.

For some reason, I have to disconnect my SB5120 cable modem every few days.

I have the cox 12mbps plan, and after a day, my speeds drop to 6mbps, and after 2 days, they drop to 4mbps. Then when I reset/disconnect the modem, my speeds go back to 12mbps. But then after a day, it goes down again. Anyone know why this is happening?

What can I do to fix it?

I'm using a new linksys router as well.


Portsmouth, VA

Re: [CA] Have to disconnect power from cable modem to reset spee

Foreal only thing i can think of is either faulty router or faulty modem. Anyways i would look at the router first, and make sure you have the lastest firmware on that router. maybe even reset the router, but doing so you might want to save your router settings first, so you can reload them once its reset. Because if you reset a router correctly all saved settings will be reset.

No gods, no masters
Tempe, AZ
reply to Mystee
I just got done with a dying SB5120 that performed similar to what you describe. To get self-diagnostics from the modem just enter: »
and you can pull at least 5 pages of good stuff. If you get an unstable connection, that's a pretty good indicator of a bad modem. If you can hook up with the modem, you'll get signal levels up and down, SNR, and a log of occurrences that if a lot are code 3 timeouts could be indicative of modem probs. But your best bet is to join up--it's free--and either study the FAQs re modem problems or just IM your modem MAC address to CoxTECH1 or CoxTOC1 and they can advise based on what they can read.

If you set up a service call, tell them you want a SB6120. It's now on the supported list and is the coming thing--and looks real Space Odyssey compared with the twinky SciAtlanta I got stuck with. No matter what, you need to run with a PC plugged direct into the cable modem for a few days so you eliminate or confirm the router as a trouble source. Have fun!

Chesapeake, VA
FYI, we don't offer SB6120 modems in any markets. They are currently only available via purchase from a retailer.