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[connectivity] Fairpoint messing with HTTP traffic?

We've got two DSL lines in Montpelier, VT that are both experiencing really slow performance on web requests as of around 11am this morning. Email, FTP, terminal services, etc seem totally unaffected, however. Is anyone else having similar troubles? Are they trying to implement some sort of system to make money on ads based on web users' typos and screwing it up? Or am I being overly cynical here?


Similar issue down in Rutland. First tech mentioned a known outage in VT & NH. Arrived this morning and still no web service. A second tech informed me that FP had just switched it's DNS servers... guess they didn't feel the need to mention that beforehand.

Try using the OPENdns servers at and


Thanks for the reply. I switched us over to OpenDNS servers, and surprise surprise, everything is back to normal now. Still no word from Fairpoint's technicians - they promised to send someone out "within 2-3 business days". Good thing we're paying extra for the business tier service I think we'll be crawling back to the higher prices (but decent customer service) of Sovernet if this keeps up too much longer.


reply to beavis880
Verizon shut off their DNS servers on June 1st that most static customer were still using. Static IP FP customers were notified via email a while back. It was only supposed to affect people who had specified DNS servers, however it looks like it affected a lot more people than expected.


interesting...we do have a static IP, but never got an email from Fairpoint on the change. Do you know if they've issued new static DNS addresses or are we expected to pick those up via DHCP?


New Hampshire:

But like NHWF said, OpenDNS should work as well.