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united state
reply to Hazy Arc

Re: ISPs are a Business

said by Hazy Arc:

said by Metatron2008:

Try reading what a free market is. And then shutup.
Free Market (Noun): Any market in which trade is unregulated; an economic system free from government intervention.


Is this the part where I shut up?
Nice picking what you want to read. Try reading the part where a free market isn't a monopoly, and both sellers and buyers argue over the price of goods.


Ah yes, the bi-weekly conferences we have to regulate our prices. Truly a balanced system.

When only two service providers exist in an area, those who provide what, in today's world, amounts to an indispensable service: they call the shots, not the consumer. Water companies could charge ten times what they do now and still keep most of their clientele, because people need water. Do you honestly think that those who pay 25 cents to send 0.33kb of data have a say in that rate?

The free market only works in small, isolated communities. We're nation (and global) wide now, governmental regulation is necessary.