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Fresh Meadows, NY

Re: This needs to be done by the census bureau.

99% of the time, I would agree with that statement but I think the census bureau is alright.
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Snohomish, WA

Re: This needs to be done by the census bureau.

It would be nice if it was part of the census, and next year would be the time to do it, with the added GPS data this year would make great mapping of the existing availablity................... Unfortunately the Census questionaires/questions/methodology was locked in a couple years ago No way (for political and methodology reasons ) there is no chance to add even 3 simple question
1) do you have Broadband available?
2) do you subscribe?
3) how much and what speed? (ok it's really 4 questions )
which would give a guesstimate of coverage/speed/useage/ desirability
it might take several dozen questions, rotated on different forms to be a truely valid statistical analsys, but any info would be a start (for various reasons people sometimes give less than truthful/accurate answers, soe because they want to say what they think you want to hear, some to steer an agenda, some to "confuse da gubberment". )

The other downside of the census is that it takes YEARS, to get meaningful data back, beyond the basic "we think there are X million people and we think they live at so and so"

At that rate any data gained would be well out of date, before it's released.
What is needed here is a much faster system, likely a private contractor/polling/ survey to provide a large, independant, audited survey with verifiable results within 6 months.