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Paron, AR

Either Way...

Either way it goes, mapping I understand is a start to an understanding of where HSI is NOT. I am just disappointed that the majority of this countries attitude towards high speed internet is that it is a luxury. I understand that it isn't a requirement for residential but they also have to understand that dial up is horrible in these rural areas where you are lucky to obtain a 28.8 kbps connection.

Am I happy with what I got (Alltel Axess), I'm happy I got something better than dialup but where I live this is far from true broadband. Considering my latency, upload times, and the lack to hardly do anything at all with really low caps (5GB) probably pretty soon considering the merger.

I made a choice to live in the country and I understand that there are certain sacrifices that people make to live away from the city. So don't say "Move and everything will be fine" but living on a fixed income of disability and my wife's income it's hard to "consider" the costs of living in the city considering we would have already lost our house if we did live in the city.

I dunno, just disappointed that we have taken this long to recognize how far behind we are in technology. Considering some of Japan already has 1Gbps broadband and other countries are getting large deployments of Wireless broadband considering they don't have alot of the red tape that we do. (I know it's there to protect us, but some get's out of hand thanks to lobbyist).

Start bashing... NOW