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In Deo speramus.
Kendall, FL
reply to qworster

Re: Connected RIPOFF!

said by qworster:

Before the Government spends a penny of taxpayer money on finding out where broadband is and isn't, they should ask themselves Why the USA has the slowest broadband at the most expensive prices of all the first world countries.

The answer (as most of us know) is simple: GREED!

In the USA, we have fewer choices then in any other major country. Yes, we have more broadband users then others, but that's simply because we have more people then others.

It seems to me that by changing a few regulations, especially by changing the Bush Administration's interpretation of the 1996 Communications Act where it relates to 'last mile' sharing of the telco and cable infrastructure (which I remind you the telcos and cablecos both AGREED TO SHARE and GET PAID FOR SHARING) that the number of broadband options in many areas could double overnight, After all, we all know that competition LOWERS PRICES and INCREASES quality, while monopolies do the opposite!

It's about time that everyone agree the Internet isn't a frill any more. It's an absolute NECESSITY for most Americans-and as such should be regulated as a public utility.
Canada's Broadband is behind ours.
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