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We the people
Brewster, WA
reply to amungus

Re: Good

said by amungus:

"No harm was done to any US citizens."

Who knows. After all, who watches the watchers? ...Or have you never considered that
Those that are in support of these claims and lawsuits being dismissed will fall back on legal answers that essentially make any national spying method or program not exist. You're suppose to be a good sheep and pretend you don't know that there are pieces of hardware that exist that make this claimed activity pretty simple.

Then when the argument changes direction it will be pointed out only criminals and terrorists have anything to hide so get over yourself.

What you probably won't see them pointing out right now is the fact that these things are being dismissed because there is a law on the books that negates their case. It's easier to wave their hatred soaked political flag that points out they know more than you do. The perpetual troll that sees too much as being real but likes new names.
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