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Worcester, MA

Here's something to ponder

let's first take a small puff on the crack pipe. so in 'some reality' ATT, Verizon, and other companies that performed the wiretaps get convicted and charged with fines. what about the people (bush administration, pretty much most of congress) that ordered it to be done? are they not an accessory to a crime? it vaguely resembles hiring a hitman to kill someone, the hitman (assuming he isn't an undercover law enforcement agent) and the hirer both are charges with a crime.

i don't have much of a problem with no legal action against ATT and Verizon (and possible others), my main problem is that the people that ordered it to be done are seemingly getting no attention what-so-ever. who is to say that the people ordering the wiretaps won't do it again? in another possibly poor analogy; it is like going after the low men on the totem pole of organized crime, the management still is around to find new recruits and carry on their business as usual.

Austin, TX
that's a pretty good crack pipe since this is not about "conviction" or "fines" or "crime" at all. There is no issue in play about the legality of what was done, except in some Constitutional courtroom argument sense.