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Greensboro, NC

Security issues, etc.

Well now I had hoped that the obama administration would repeal these unconstitutional monitoring and security policies. However, once one tastes the power that comes with monitoring and abusing citizens' privacy it is all too difficult to stop taking the drug you have been addicted to. I too am disappointed with it and regardless of which party is in power this is F'ing ridiculous.

Anyway, trouncing on our rights and freedoms is something all politicans are doing these days although honestly it started with the last administration. I think that other freedoms should be protected as well which is one area where I diverge from a lot of extemist democrats. For instance, I will believe in the right to own and bear arms. It is codified in the constitution quite clearly.

There are a few other areas that I diverge from the "stereotypical" views of people in the democratic party but not many to be honest. Politicians just seem to do what they want sometimes. I think that bailing out the banks was necessary even though I didn't it like otherwise we'd really have been in some deep S by now. However, none of the other companies such as auto etc should have been bailed out at all. GM and Chrysler sealed their own fate. They should've been left to rot in their own waste.

As for Healthcare. Most (not all) of the concerns about healthcare that right wingers talk about is based on crap and FUD promulgated by the Insurance industry that is traditionally stricken with various avarice syndromes and spins on facts of information. Either way the healthcare system is failing and needs to be fixed. Private business cannot and will not fix it on its own. In some form it will take business AND government to fix it. Left to its own the healthcare system will only get worse. The system needs a pitchfork in the A to go where it needs.

As for broadband, the government will have to take a lead on this SOME as well. As left to private industry some areas will never have any kind of broadband available even in some areas of cities that have been waiting for 10 years which is ridiculous. Once again, it will take government and business with a few pitch forks in the A of telcos, etc to put things on track.

Too many people do not pay attention to facts or at least accept what they hear on the Faux or Fixed news channel as facts when really they have simply hired a talking head who never researched a subject in depth enough (healthcare for instance) to find out the facts and/or they have their own interests in things remaining the way they are. CNN is guilty of it sometimes too but in a different way. I don't trust either of them but esp NOT Faux news.

The only news orgs I like in broadcasting anymore is the PBS Lehrer news hour and NPR news on the radio (also BBC). Sometimes, a newspaper or magazine article from at least a somewhat reputable source (which is difficult to come by).

Just my two cents worth. Good day!



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