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Heavy Artillery For The Little Guy
Tulsa, OK
reply to jester121

Re: Change

said by jester121:

None of the trillions in spending is going to do anything to "fix" the mess; it's going to drastically increase the size of the government and its debt, and saddle future generations with it. It's nothing new and it's not a (R) or (D) issue. It's just wrong.
Actually, I think the staved off a disaster with this spending. Yes, I know it's a disaster we had to do this, but I believe had they NOT done this, out entire economy would have collapsed and we'd be living under marshal law right now.

You may find this video interesting. Listen to the angry caller at first, and then the reply. But the important part comes about 2:20 or so into the video. Listen to what he says about a global run on our banks.


"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power." -- Benito Mussolini