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Somerville, MA


Will everyone just shut up, please. Bush this, Bush that and "My freedom is gone, Bush stole my freedom". A parrot makes more sense. Half the morons in this country think they were being "wiretapped". It's all over people, Bush is gone and a new era has begun. Just let it go.


Lincoln Park, MI
its all over? Isn't this story all about how Obama is upholding the "SAME" wiretapping concepts as President George W. Bush decreed?

Just let it go?
Why should I or anyone else?

I thought Obama was going to change this nonsense into something right(I really never thought this). I thought Hussein stood for freedom and independence(because of his crafty logo during the campaign). I thought Barrack stood for more than just a change in tone of skin(never believed this either). I thought I was going to get free gas( ··· x8rTb3jI

Oh well I guess being my house isn't being paid for I'll just let it go.