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Austin, TX

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reply to Jim Kirk

Re: Good

said by Jim Kirk:

Our legal system allows a group like the EFF or ACLU to cause immense damage to a company by filing broad-brush lawsuit after lawsuit. It doesn't matter what the eventual outcome is. The harm is already done.
Please enlighten us by providing the names of said companies or industries.
If you read a business newspaper like the Wall Street Journal or Investor's Daily you see examples every day. It is routine that whenever a company's stock goes down a bunch, a drug or product has a new test that reports negatively, or a consumer company's bills, promotions, or terms and conditions are slightly confusing to someone, that a slew of class action lawsuits are filed. And the companies involved usually simply settle because it's much cheaper than going through the legal process. Then the costs are passed on to you, and that company becomes less competitive globally.

Why do you think that every time you get on an airplane they tell you how to fasten your seat belt?

Why do you think that every time you buy an extension cord it has big stickers all over it?

Why do you think that every instruction manual for every kitchen gadget starts off with multiple densely typed pages of "safety instructions"?

Why do you think that a good portion of the ads on daytime TV are for you to call an 800 number if you think you may have been affected by some drug/product/company's practices?

It's a huge business.

take a look here for some examples