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IBEW 2222 Boston, MA
Boston, MA

Who knew?

Everyone except for the regulators, obviously.

Anyway, I sympathize with those w/o service. I had my NH phone taken off "vacation suspend" in April and the service was on within a few days, as promised. Surprise!

I called to activate CID two weeks later and they said they couldn't add it because another order was "pending" The other order was the restoration from vacation suspend which had been completed (or so I thought) two weeks prior. It's been 3 weeks as of last weekend and still no CID. How difficult is it to add CID to a line that is already working?? A couple of taps on a keyboard and it's back into translations - case closed. If they can't get this activated in 3 or 4 weeks, I feel sorry for anyone still without a dial tone - it could be a long, quiet summer.
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Cleveland, OH
Depends on where you live with CID. ATT still says its a service added manually at the CO and takes between 3-5 business days to activate it.